Why so gloomy, GH5?


There’s something that I got a little annoyed with in GH5 and it’s a minor thing, but I’m gonna write about it anyway. The characters all seem to be pissed off at something. They rarely ever smile, and they always seem like they are gonna set the stage on fire during the gig. Nothing wrong with setting things on fire, of course, but why always pissed?

Something that I really enjoy in Rock Band is that the antics of the characters really suit the music we’re playing. Playing metal, they’ll rarely dance around, but playing a more poppish-rock song, they’ll sing together on the mic, smile, dance and, well, just appear to be having a great time with the audience.

In Guitar Hero 5, it seems like the characters are really pissed at something and the concert is their catharsis. And they want to convince the audience to burn their schools.

Also, the stages you play in GH5 seem darker as well. It’s all just a heavier experience overall. Rock Band 2 has some darker stages, but all in all you have a much better balance.

Therefore, in overall MOOD, Rock Band wins.

Next post will be about graphics and character design. So stay tuned.


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