Milking the cow


Here’s something interesting. While my friend was here today, we played Guitar Hero 5. His impression about the game was pretty clear: some good songs, the rest was junk. I mentioned to him “did you know they’re working on a game called Band Hero?”.

And by the way, what kind of freaking name is BAND HERO? Could it have been lamer? Maybe if they had picked a name like GUITAR MASTURBATOR it would have been lamer (albeit funnier), but still BAND HERO is a pretty FAIL name. I mean, you have the whole story behind the “Guitar Hero” name. As rockers we used to ask each other “who’s your guitar hero?” or “who’s your guitar god?” and people would answer something like “Steve Vai” or “Mark Knopfler” (my personal one, hehe). But “Band Hero” doesn’t even make any sense! It’s just taking advantage of the franchise in a very uncreative way. What a shame.

Anyway, I explained to him that Band Hero is exactly like a new Guitar Hero game, but aimed at more mainstream and newer songs. To which he scratched his head. “More mainstream than Guitar Hero?”. And I answered “yeah, if at all possible”.

And he said “man, they’re really milking the cow, aren’t them? I mean, there are 5 Guitar Hero games already, there’s one for Metallica, another for Aerosmith and another one for Van Halen… and now Band Hero and Lego Rock Band… they are squeezing it to the LIMIT”. And I have to agree. I think that one thing that Harmonix has done right so far was to take their time in releasing new games. I do think that Lego Rock Band is a wrong decision, but at least Rock Band 3 is only coming next year. That’s the way it should be: better games, new features, not the same crap with some crappy songs for us to buy and be disappointed.

At some point my friend said “ok, enough GH5. This game sucks. Let’s try Beatles Rock Band”. And we did.

And he mentioned to me later: “I will be buying the Beatles one. It is a beautiful game. But not GH5”.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this opinion. When I search for GH5 reviews on the internet, all I get is people praising the game as awesome. I picked an XBOX360 magazine today at a store and the reviewer gave the game a 9. What the hell.

It’s a game with a lot of crappy songs with the same old same old gameplay and none of the feel of “gosh, my little band rocks” that Rock Band has. That’s what it is. And I’ll write a LOT about gameplay, you can be sure about that.


2 Responses to Milking the cow

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