The power of storytelling 2


I’ve written a little about the power that storytelling has for games. Now it’s time to get a little more specific. I have some ideas for this, and I think they’d make the experience of a rock band simulator much more fun.

Let’s imagine. Do you like getting fans in Rock Band? I’m sure you do. But well, what are fans? How are they used in the game? Fans are like a separate score, and some venues require you to have a certain amount of them for you to be able to play there. And that’s pretty much it. You can also compete online for the band who has more fans, but not much else that I can think of.

Well, fans could play a bigger role in the game. For example, what if your band got so popular that now it has its fan club? What if you could play smaller, special shows for your fan club? In Rock Band 2, sometimes you would be prompted with situations like “a fan wants to shoot an indie video of the band”. Fans can provide the band with lots of interesting, random situations.

For example, imagine there’s a big band competition coming up, and the winning criteria is popular vote. You’d need a lot of fans for that, if you want to win the competition. A special concert could be arranged by the fan club in a school campus (maybe in the football field of the campus) in order to get more people to vote for the band. So maybe, giving your fan club some attention could get you some advantages in the future.

Also, I really think the “Battle of the Bands” concept should be incorporated more heavily in the game. We do have some battles already, but all you gotta do is pass the concert and you win the prize. But I’m talking about facing challenges. Like, for example, there’s a battle of the bands going on and an asshole band is the favorite to win. They play good. Their score is 4.5 stars in 4 songs. That means that, in order to beat them, you’d have to score a higher mean.

And maybe after you win the battle, the asshole leader of the asshole band comes to you and says “the songs you picked to play were too easy! Let’s face each other in “Aqualung”!”. And then you’d have to clear it with, at least, 4 stars.

Wouldn’t that be cool? And the prize could be a new guitar, a new outfit, maybe even a new story opportunity.

Another thing, and now this is something that really happened… I recall that one day Iron Maiden crashed into a wedding. I don’t remember the story’s specifics, but I remember they ended up playing in that wedding, they just got their instruments and played there and everybody had a BLAST.

What about RANDOM events such as this one, while traveling from one city to another? Maybe you’d find, while walking in the street, a young lad who wants to win this girl’s heart with a serenade, and he asks the band to help. The girl is a big fan. And the band has to choose a romantic song to play for her, with the young lad as singer. Isn’t that sweet? Or maybe the band joins some street artists they meet while walking around the city. Harmonix even could use the very recordings of Playing for Change. Man, it would be incredible.

Wouldn’t situations such as those make you love your band even more? Wouldn’t they make you curious about what the game has in store for you in the future?

I know I’d love those surprises.


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