One thing that I always loved in Guitar Hero 3 was playing the encore. It’s something that Rock Band doesn’t have. I love the idea of having the audience ask the band to play more.

If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, you know that the encore is a magical moment. The band leaves the stage, the lights go dim. It’s time. Everyone starts screaming and clapping their hands. People shout the band’s name and starts singing one particular song that they haven’t played yet. Will the band come back for an encore? Will they play the song we’re asking them to? The suspense!

This moment could easily be implemented in a future music game. I’m hoping, as always, for Rock Band 3. This is how it could happen. You have a concert coming up. It’s a “make a setlist” one, with 6 songs. You prepare yourself, pick the songs you feel like playing and head into stage. You give them your best shot.

And guess what? You finished with an average of 4.7 stars, for example. The crowd loves you. In fact, when you leave the stage, the lights go dim and… they start screaming for more! Now what do you do? It’s decision time! Do you go back and give them more? How many songs? Or do you just leave the venue? It’s your call.

Also, the crowd could ask for one specific song. Do you please the audience and go for it? Or do you pick your own song for the encore? Actually, this is something that kinda pisses me off a little in real concerts nowadays. The bands usually prepare a setlist and won’t play any different songs, even if the audience chokes blood screaming for them. It’s really “unrocky” on their part, but hey, your band is better than that, right? Right??

So this is another minor element that could add depth to the game. Encores could come accompanied with special effects, such as the crowd cheering and balloons dropping down from the ceiling (akin to Alice Cooper concerts), or bubble baths, or maybe a big doll starts walking in the stage (akin to Iron Maiden’s Eddie). Special moments that add surprises and fun to the whole experience.


2 Responses to Encore!

  1. BRK666 says:

    Hi, great blog man! I’m also brazilian, but I’m gonna always comment here in english as well.

    I don’t know about what could be the public reaction to what I’m gonna propose, but, well… I would love it. Encore musics should be hidden, and not divulged to the media, in any kind of previews, etc. Should be a surprise, you see the “Encore” screen and the crowd start to say “Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!”. That’s is such a classic, to any rock fan in the world…

    Definitely, would help to immerge you in the experience.

    Sorry about my English, secondary language and it’d been a LONG TIME since I don’t write this much…

  2. rbgh says:

    Man, that would be a terrific idea as well. I like that. I don’t think the Marketing team at Harmonix would approve such a bold move (after all, they want people to know the songs so they get attracted to the game and buy it), but it would be fun nonetheless.

    I mean, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. The element of surprise. That’s where the fun is. Music games should strive to be more immersive, as you said.

    You’re welcome to comment here in english, man. And thanks for the compliment! 🙂

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