Adding spice to your concert 2 – Drum Solos and Guitar Duels


Do you know that band called “Children of Bodom”? Let me tell you, I’ve been a fan of them since their Hatebreeder album. It’s been a while now, and I remember that album was the one that managed to spark my interest in black and death metal soon afterwards. I rarely ever listen to metal nowadays, but I still love it. Anyway, this is off-topic. But let me ask you a question: have you ever watched a Children of Bodom concert?

There are two things that happen in a Bodom concert, and they are the subject of this post. The first one is the drum solo. In a certain moment the band leaves the stage, and Jaska (the drummer) remains. He then does an awesome drum solo. And by the way, have you ever watched Alice Cooper’s “Brutally Live” DVD? Well, Eric Singer also performs a drum solo in that show, only he does that… with flaming drumsticks! KICK-ASS!

This is the kind of thing you could implement in the game. Imagine I’m playing with my brother (he plays on the drums) and we’re making a setlist. Then we talk “hey how about a drum solo right after “Ace of Spades”?”. My brother says “yeah, alright, let me try one solo”. And then maybe the game could have a list of maybe 10 drum solos or so, with 2 or 3 minutes each, with a lot of fills. A LOT OF FILLS. WITH FLAMING DRUMSTICKS!!!!

I imagine a lot of drummers would be interested in this feature. I’m guessing my brother would. He just loves drum fills, and I bet he’d like to roleplay the virtuoso drummer every now and then.


The second thing that happens in a Bodom show is… the guitar battle. Now, to be completely honest, it’s actually a guitar versus keyboard battle. Alexi, the singer and guitar virtuoso usually battles Janne, the keyboard virtuoso. Yeah, it’s a band with a lot of virtuosos, for sure. Anyway, but we don’t have a keyboard peripheral yet. Well, no sweat! The bass player could just pick the guitar and step up to the duel!

Now there are several ways that this duel could function. If you’re playing solo, maybe you’d battle the computer in a random challenge. For example, get 5 stars in the solo or maybe get 90% of the notes, or get at least a 100 notes combo. Or maybe (and this would be closer to how duels actually happen), each one plays a phrase and the one who wins over the crowd wins. That means you’d have to top your “rock meter” so people would cheer for you.

If you’re playing with a friend, though, things could get kinda wild. You could use all the ideas above, yeah… but insert some parts in the song which would be like “fills”… only you just improvise in that part and your adversary would have to copy you. The one who manages to better mimic the opponent’s improvisation would then get a serious boost for his cheer meter. And when the song ended, well, the winner would be announced, the band would come back onstage and proceed to kicking more ass, as usual.

Drum solos and guitar duels could provide your band with some unique bonuses in-game, yeah, but they are mostly aimed at pure entertainment value, in my humble opinion. Still, players love to receive prizes for their performances, so maybe a successful drum solo could add an extra chance for an encore, while a successful duel could add 1 extra star to the overall performance of the whole concert. And if the battle has happened between 2 players, the game would then consider the performance of the winner to see if it was worth the extra star, for example.

I think those would be really cool features, I’d definitely add duels and drum solos to my concerts. Oh, and by the way… online battles, eh? It opens a lot of fun possibilities, doesn’t it?

P.S.: The pics I used for this post are actually of members of Children of Bodom: Jaska is the drummer in the first pic, and Alexi Laiho and Roope are in the second pic.


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