Ars Technica: Review of Band Hero Demo


Holy crap, Taylor Swift looks ugly in that CG image above. Anyway, Ars Technica has released a nice little review of the new Band Hero demo. I recommend you check it out.

As stated some time ago in this blog, Band Hero is just a Guitar Hero for girls, and it seems like the biggest selling point in the title is to be able to play as computer-generated versions of pop artists. Did you expect anything different, though? And by the way, let’s compare the image above with the real Taylor Swift:


Come on guys, let’s be honest here. It just doesn’t look very good. Taylor Swift is not the only musician to have had her representation fall into the Uncanny Valley in a game, though. And I really don’t get it. Again, why would you wanna play as someone else? I mean, it’s a game in which you can build your own character and rock your way to success, why play as someone who’s already famous?

Anyway, its a new Guitar Hero 5, with the same old gameplay, only with pop songs and a lot of pink and purple. In other words, the Marketing professionals at Activision have identified a potentially juicy niche for music simulation games, which is the children, and are about to release their first product aimed specifically at them.


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