Lego Rock Band and Band Hero: TRACKLISTS!


Hey folks. Lego Rock Band and Band Hero are coming out soon. Have you decided if you’re gonna buy either game yet?

Well, that cool guy Jeff over at Fake Plastic Rock has posted the tracklists for both games. Isn’t that nice? So head over there right now and check them out.

My own impression is that the Lego Rock Band tracklist is better, even if shorter. But to tell you the truth, I’m not terribly excited by any of those games. I’d really love to pay for the few songs that I like in Lego Rock Band, instead of having to buy the entire package, but I guess that’s asking too much. Oh well. At least you CAN export the entire setlist to your Rock Band 2 for a small fee.

Anyway, personally I think those games are a bad move for both companies. But don’t let my grumpy attitude affect you in any way, please. Go take a look at those tracklists and have fun!


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