Song Request Friday: Andrew W.K.


I’m starting a new tradition for this blog, in which every friday I’ll post some song requests here. And I think the one artist to be the first to appear here should be Andrew W.K.

First of all, the man rocks. His attitude is just really rock and roll all night and party every day. He’s the rock messiah that KISS prophesized. The man lives to party hard, it’s his philosophy of life and he taught us that way of life in his two testaments: “I Get Wet” and “The Wolf”. I believe those two albums should be available to download IN FULL. But I think it’s only fair to priorize the songs that (imho) are his best. So without further ado, here goes. The songs that DEFINITELY should be included in future music simulation games:

1. It’s Time to Party
2. Party Hard
3. She is Beautiful
4. We Want Fun
5. Victory Strikes Again / Long Live the Party (medley)
6. The Song
7. Totally Stupid
8. I Love Music

So no throwing “Party Hard” at us and calling it a day. We need a full Andrew W.K. track pack. Call it the “Party till you Puke” track pack. If you ever considered playing Rock Band while complete and utterly drunk, this is the ultimate pack to fulfill that mission with. And please include a blood-stained t-shirt in the pack as well. I mean, it’s only fitting.

PS: I thought Andrew W.K. was an MTV sweetheart through and through. I really don’t understand why his songs haven’t appered in the Rock Band series yet. It’s really a mystery to me.


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