On band-specific music games

Though not in black, I’m back. And speaking of being back and in black simultaneously, let’s talk a bit about AC/DC. As far as I’m concerned, AC/DC is a pretty big band. I mean big in terms of fame, of course. They have many legendary rock anthems in their music catalogue, have had their songs appear in dozens of movies, sell thousands of t-shirts around the globe at any given year, and I couldn’t watch them in their last world tour because the concerts got sold out in 10 minutes. So, I mean, they are pretty big, I think.

So considering how big they are, you could think AC/DC are a bunch of assholes. But nope, they are not. In fact, with all the hype around music games nowadays, instead of negotiating a game just for themselves, they agreed to release a big freaking live track pack for Rock Band 2:

Which is an awesome track pack, really. Now let’s change the subject a little.

I’m getting kinda fed up with my Beatles Rock Band. Now, don’t get me wrong: the game itself IS amazing. What is almost unbearable to me is having to swap out my Rock Band 2 DVD and insert the Beatles Rock Band one every time I wanna play a couple Beatles songs.

I mean… I am rarely in the mood of spending a whole hour just playing Beatles. Yeah, I love Beatles, but one of the awesome things about music simulation games is that you’re given freedom to play what the heck you feel like playing at any given time. And since the songs in Beatles Rock Band are not exportable, well… I don’t feel very free playing it. I mean, I can’t just play “Dragula” and “Octopus’s Garden” in the same setlist, right? Bummer.

Thinking of it this way, the AC/DC track pack is a much better solution, since you can actually play the tracks you want in the middle of the most nonsensical setlist you can imagine. Of course, the perfect solution would be to have all Beatles tracks exportable to Rock Band 2, but well, we can’t. Which really is a shame, because between playing RB2 and the Beatles one… it’s kind of a no brainer for me most of the time.

And there’s another thing. The whole deal, I hate to repeat myself here but here I go again, the whole deal of music simulation games is TO CREATE YOUR OWN ROCK STAR. PERIOD. So when you’re playing someone else’s avatar, someone who’s already famous, it’s JUST NOT THAT ENGAGING. You spend a lot of time creating your character, dressing him like a kickass rocker from hell, picking a righteous style and finish for your AXE, and you do that because you wanna go there and rock shit up with your “rock avatar”! So why the hell would I wanna play as James Hetfield in Guitar Hero: Metallica for example?? He’s famous already, where’s the thrill in that?!

The whole thing was done tastefully in Beatles Rock Band, since the game actually tells the player their story. And it has this whole different vibe to it which was delivered in an extremely accomplished way. But really, I’d love my guitar character to play “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in Rock Band 2. I’d really love it.

But since I don’t have the option to, in most of the cases I just choose not to play it at all, and to make a huge freaking setlist in Rock Band 2 instead with the songs I love.


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