DJ Hero reviewed by actual DJs

Normally I wouldn’t even care about posting this interview here. But what really caught my attention was that at some point the interviewer asks the DJs about their IDEAS for the game. And the responses are really interesting, since they focus on SECONDARY aspects of the game… the ones I always insist are the most important ones to create an immersive experience.

For example:

Tina: You could have a bonus girl, maybe a drunk girl at the club come up to you and hand you a request and if you decide to take the request and you pull it off right, then you get a thousand bonus points. You know what I mean? So you can have little people coming and bothering you to make a request and if you’re able to when you’re playing the game and you want to take that request, you get bonus points.

R.O.B.: Or the go-go girls will come up behind the booth and give you shots, and you start messing up and then you lose all the points.

Ikon: It gets all slow motion, you get belligerent and your vision gets blurry or something like that.

R.O.B.: And then all the crowd would leave the floor and the game would shut down.

Toast: They start throwing glow sticks at you … It would be really funny if you’d stink, if you mess up really bad, you lose your hotel room and you have to sleep on the promoter’s couch.

So it’s a good interview. As I always say: developers should invest more time in secondary, storytelling aspects of music simulation games. They’re the bits that add flavour and colour to the games.


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