Green Day Rock Band: my thoughts

Hey fellas. It’s almost Christmas and frankly, I’ve been incredibly lazy with the updates. Sorry for that, but I have an explanation. I simmultaneously downloaded 13 new songs for Rock Band 2 and started playing Dragon Age: Origins, so that and I also work and also random life problems, shopping for presents, so I’ve been away for a bit.

But I couldn’t ignore the news on the new Rock Band game that’s coming out. Green Day Rock Band has been announced at the Spike Video Game Awards by Harmonix and, to be completely honest with you, I’m excited.

During my teens I was a Green Day fan. It was, how can I say it… my punk phase? I don’t know, but anyway, there was a time when I listened to a lot of punk rock, to bands like Green Day, Offpsring and Rancid, and I had a bunch of Green Day albums. So the prospect of playing songs from Kerplunk, Dookie and Insomniac is pretty darn sweet. I also like Nimrod a lot.

So now everybody’s comparing this release to The Beatles Rock Band, and saying “how can you compare The Beatles to Green Day”? Well, fellas, first of all, what did you expect? That only classic legendary acts such as Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin and The Beach Boys would get the “Rock Band treatment”? I, for one, think this is a great move from Harmonix, and let me tell you why: because ALL THE SONGS ARE EXPORTABLE. That’s right, and that alone makes this offering even more attractive than the Beatles Rock Band.

Now, don’t curse me yet. I have explained why I think this way in detail in this post here. For me, the very idea of thinking “ok, I’m in the Beatles mood today so I guess I’ll just play a TON of Beatles song in a row” is a completely alien concept. I hate having to switch CDs in order to play a couple of Beatles songs, and I hate not being able to play a Beatles song in the middle of a crazy setlist. So what’s gonna happen when I buy the Green Day Rock Band? Simple: I am going to export all the freaking songs and probably won’t even bother with the game itself. For me, it will work like the AC/DC track pack, which was awesome.

Also, as I’ve explained before, I don’t wanna play as Billie Joe, or Mike or Tre Cool. This very idea is just so completely unappealing to me. I wanna play as the cool rock star that I created in Rock Band 2, so thank you export feature!

So while we all wait for news on Rock Band 3, the announcement of a new game with a modern, popular band as protagonist doesn’t seem bad at all. But that’s only because it will serve as a major buff to the already awesome Rock Band 2, giving us players a ton of new songs to play while we wait for the worthy successor of Harmonix’s main franchise.


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